Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How can something so cheap be so pretty??

I don't typically like balloons at a party 
{I know...wierd}, 
but I am finding balloons are showing up in some very cool ways.  

This is one example that makes me happy:

Here's the supply ready for this??
Balloons {of course}
air...lots of air

That's it.  
nothing fancy. 
nothing expensive. 
easy peasy. 

The complete DIY can be found at a girl and a boy
She actually put them up with lights and left them hanging for weeks already.  :) 

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's all kittens.....

Here's a few lots of photos from our Kitty Party we did a few weeks ago.  
I will admit that when my sweet niece asked for a kitty party months before the big day, 
I was really really at a loss for how to do this.  
Thankfully Amy had some great starter ideas and it all 
fell into place from there.  

Favor bag filled with stickers, bubbles, kitty toy {every kitty needs one}, and a kitty braclet 
crocheted by Amy.

Welcome to the party

Balls of yarns hung from the rafters {the kitties really liked these}

Getting their whiskers on. 

fishy sandwiches {cheese or tuna}

bowls of fish

bags of cracker treats {this sign was SUPPOSE to say "kitty treats"...what was I thinking?}
 Mice for dessert..mmm yummy!  
Not only were these the cutest things ever, 
they tasted pretty yummy to a bunch of kitties.  
{I would love to show pics of these kittens eating them...tails first, 
but I did not ask permission to post other peoples children's photos.}

And milk of course, every kitty needs milk and it's even better when it's strawberry milk! 

 This kitty caught her fishy from the "water".

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pom poms

Have you noticed all the attention pom poms are getting? 
Well it's true.
They are becoming the thing to have.  
Here are a few of our favorite finds 

from Aesthetic Nest 

  and this is all you need to make those napkin rings....
 garland tutorial here
{in case you want to make this amazing garland}

and here's another tutorial.
these are felt ball pom poms...still cute. still a bit like a real pom pom
{what actually defines a pom pom anyway?}

and Martha used them on straws....

or how about this pom pom flower from etsy

Friday, August 26, 2011

Our first "outing" :)

All this summer our sweet little town has had Music in the Park each Thursday evening.  Along with the music was a catered meal and venders of all kinds.  
This Thursday was the last one of the year and Dill & Poppy made an apperance. :) 
We sold cake pops, dipped oreos, marshmallows, and party decor.  
It was exciting and scary to share what we have to offer.  
It was well recieved and we hope it is the beginning of what will be many satisfied customers.  
Here are a few photos {taken with the cell phone}
So we set up a screen tent....that was fun! 
Our sign...
And we've never decorated a tent that was fun!! 

Our chocolate melted a bit....not fun. 
We set up a small table with a basket full of some of our previous work and 
a book that showed a few of our parties.  

Saturday, August 20, 2011

who what where inspiration and goals

Here are a few answers to some questions you might have

Who is Dill & Poppy?
Amy & Lisa Miller
Daughter & Mom
Amy is a secretary at State Farm Insurance who loves to bake, cook and create and exciting display of yummy foods for any occasion.
If you give her a theme, you can be guaranteed that the food she makes will fit right into that AND it will be delicious.
One of her most important aspects of food is to use fresh ingredients and she prefers to make everything from scratch.
Lisa is a program technician for Farm Service Agency.
She goes to bed dreaming up new and exciting ideas for the next event.
It's all planned out in her head.
She loves to create a atmosphere that follows a theme from start to finish.
Garlands, chandeliers and any ceiling decor are a few of her favorite things.

What is Dill & Poppy?
Dill & Poppy was created out of what was once
which Lisa started in 2008.
Because of Amy's interest in bringing the food into Lisa's parties we have begun an adventure together doing not just the decor but the food also.
Events do not have to include both aspects, however, they are available if chosen.
People have been asking why the name "Dill & Poppy"?
Dill is the name Amy chose to represent her food contributions.
She loves the flavor of dill and it just seemed like a fitting name.
Poppy is the name chosen by Lisa to represent the decor contributions.
She has always loved the name Poppy.
When she was little her parents cared for a young girl with the nickname of Poppy so maybe it started there...who knows. :)

Our Motto
{celebrate life}
was chosen because we feel that celebrating life everyday is what God intends for each one of us to do.

Where is Dill & Poppy?
Dill & Poppy is located in the center of North Dakota.
We are willing to travel some distance to do a party....hey, we travel to go shopping!

Our Inspiration
Lisa's Grandmother, Amy's Great Grandmother who is 91 and in the nursing home now is the one in our family who always loved to entertain.
She was always an amazing cook and everyone loved to eat at her home.
It seemed like she could set the table with the yummiest food with little effort.
You would always know at any holiday she would have her home decorated in theme and even had group games for us to play.
Her gifts were always wrapped so pretty with little adornments and at Christmas there were always extra empty boxes wrapped just for under the tree.
The header picture of our blog is from her 90th Birthday celebration in which all of her salt & pepper shaker collection was displayed.

Dill & Poppy intends on becoming an Event Planning Business that brings smiles to Celebrations every time.
We intend to start an online shoppe to sell some of the party supplies once we get things lined up.

Well there you have it.
A bit of info on Dill & Poppy.
Any questions can be posted here and we will happily answer any that we can.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting ready...

If you are here because I've commented on your blog,
or I've given you a business card
or you hopped here from somewhere else.....
I am sorry to disappoint you in this very boring blog.

It is still in the works {LOTS of works!}, but it will be exciting.
I promise!
What I can't promise is the when.
My son is to be working on this very thing after he finishes the new business card.
It all takes time.

So while you wait for this amazing blog to be built and become a daily attraction
{dreaming here}
you are certainly welcome to visit the Party Planning blog
I've keep fairly active for the past 3 years.

Thanks for stopping by...see you soon
{hopefully NOT dreaming here}.

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