Monday, October 29, 2012

Murder Mystery Dinner Party

 A Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Dinner was Bloodied Chicken Breasts, Roasted Potatoes, Smothered Carrots, Bread, Dead Leaf Salad and Sweet Death Dessert {cupcake}
A sweet mystery truffle wrapped in a favor box was set by each place setting.


Appetizer Table

So we might have gotten a little carried away with the dry ice! :) 


 Silent movie playing.

The Murder 

finding clues........
Ya, I had a few clues that I forgot about and happened to be reminded of them at the end of the mystery.

Family Pictures
I don't usually post many pictures of people on the blog...but I just could not help myself with this party. :)

The Modern Day Addam's Family!

 The amazing Host & Hostess!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Princess Ballerina Party!

One of my little nieces turned 6 last week and I had the privilege of helping get the decor and some food together for the party. 
She is such a princess so I knew anything pink and frilly would make her happy. :) 

Here is the table.

The little girls decorated their crowns with jewels and stickers.

The little for each girl.  
There are pink jewels and a pink ballerina ring inside. 

The banner. 
Simply cut glittered triangles out and add letters cut with the cricut.  Punched holes into each triangle and thread the ribbon through.

 And the food:
Popcorn with pink candy melts swirled on it.

Rice Krispie cake made by the Birthday girls Mom, by request of the Birthday girl.  
(she KNOWS what she wants!)

Marshmellows with a bit of pink candy melt on top. 
 Who knew a simple marshmallow could look so fancy? :) 

And Fruit Cups...perfect size for little princesses! 

 Princess Fairy wands for each little girl.

 And of course each Princess was given a 
Pink Tutu.  
They loved twirling around in them! :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Under the Sea

 A few weeks ago my soon to be 8 year old niece called me as said...

"Auntie Lisa, can you do my birthday party?"
Of course there was no way I was saying no and besides, why would I say no? 

So....she proceeded to tell me her theme would be Seashells. I became very excited as I knew I had lots of Under the Sea decor that would be perfect. 

The location picked was also exciting. 
A beautiful gazebo. 
My vision quickly came and I knew this was going to be so cool.  Everyone was going to feel like they were really Under the Sea! When I went to decorate, I quickly realized that in ND even a tiny bit of wind it too much wind and I was not going to be able to enclose the gazebo in fabric as I had planned.  
Even laying the blue gossamer fabric on top of the fishing line that had been strung was not happening. 
 How frustrating.  
But I couldn't sulk for long...a party was about to happen and therefore I came up with Plan B.  
I tied as much of the blue gossamer to the gazebo as I could and starting hanging the streamers, bubbles and fish everywhere (well, with the help of my Mom and Destiny).    
It came together well, just not the vision I had. 

Another plan that I had was to have ocean sounds playing on a cd.  
I bought the music online, downloaded to my computer (desktop) only to find out that I cannot burn a disk on my computer. 
 And of course I don't find this out till the afternoon of the party! 
 But I wasn't giving up that easily.  
I arranged for Destiny to bring her computer and she could download it, play it and all would be well.
 Nope, not to be.  
She had problems with her computer and it just wasn't going to happen.  
So, you go with flow I guess. 
 No music. 

But we did have a party (wind and all)!! :)

We went on a Treasure Hunt. 
This was the list of things to find.  
I thought since some of the girls may not be able to read as well as others that I would add a picture of the item they needed to find such as  
  a blue anchor, real sand, a compass and seaweed.

 One of the jelly fish

 Can you spot the 2nd jelly fish?? 
 Sierra carefully checking her list.......

 And the food... 
Chocolate Chip Madeleines, Sweet Clams, Goldfish Crackers, PB & Jelly fish sandwiches, sea water and of course Salt Water Taffy.


Some of the treats from the Favor Bags.  

 Each guest received a Sea Shell necklace and a bag of seashells  also.

And here is the Queen of the Sea Birthday Girl with her big smile! :)

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