Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wedding rehersal favors & decor

2 1/2 years ago Lisa's son was married to a sweet girl. 
His studies in college were 
Wildlife and Fisheries 
or is it 
Fisheries and Wildlife..hmmm. 
Well, anyway, since that was his interest Lisa decided to take the fishing theme 
into the Rehearsal supper. 

After Rehearsal we headed off to the Riverboat for supper and a fabulous boat ride on the Missouri River.   

  The favors were assorted goldfish crackers packaged in clear bags with a sweet tag that said "Look what fishing brings....
kissing gouramis" 
and "There's alot of fish in the sea...but there was only one for Anthony" and "He caught the most beautiful fish in the sea...and the rest is history".
Here are the silverware all wrapped up and personalized with a sweet little tag.  

And of course plates and cups to match...the 'm' for Miller.


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