Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Candlelight Supper 
with 3 special guests.

I decided to have a little meal with my nieces and since they are usually very sweet I thought Valentines time would be perfect. 
 It was so fun getting the food ready:
 Tomato or Broccoli soup, 
Heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches, 
heart cucumbers, 
heart cantaloupe and apples on sticks. 
Raspberry drink. 
Finished off with brownies (yep, from a box)
 topped with cool whip and chocolate along with a 
chocolate covered strawberry. 
After our "fancy" candlelight meal we played games 
and frosted cookies.  
Such a great time!!

Our little table setting.
  Who doesn't love raspberry sherbert with 7 up in it?  And in a special glass to go with it.  I think I was the best ever just for making this drink. 

 Sierra's Dessert

 Game time

 stacking hearts
 Maci spelled my name with hearts.  How sweet!
 Don't break my heart
 Valentine Bingo

Cupids Arrow.
Such a simple game. I cut out 3 hearts, gave each girl a straw and 5 q-tips.  The q-tip was put into the end of the straw and they blew it out aiming at the heart.  They really loved this game. 
 and if you don't like your heart necklace around your neck, 
use it as a headband. :)

 Cookie decorating time.

Gifts for Me! :) 

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