Thursday, October 27, 2011

Word banner

This is cool!
 Found this garland on Pinterst and it's blogged here.

For a party that we are currently working on I {Lisa} thought it would be neat to do this sort of garland with 
words that describe the lucky gal 
the party is for. 
So I have cut 4" letters making many good words 
{she's a really good person
and attached them {with tape} to a string. 
It's kind of hard make sure that it is going to look ok all in a pile, 
but to unravel the entire thing just to check it out seems a bit unnecessary. 
It will just have to go up on the ceiling and hope it is good! :) 

this word is "beautiful"

 and all the rest of the good words.  :) 

Can't hardly wait till Party Day to see what this really looks like!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sugar Sheets?

We found something new at Hobby Lobby today.  
Sugar Sheets by Wilton. 
I {Lisa} was so excited 
{not really sure why} 
about these fancy things I had to snap a couple pics 
{again, not really sure why}.
Here are a bunch of the punches you will want to get to cut fun shapes out of the sheets.  
Wilton thinks of everything!
We haven't done cakes...well wait a minute,
Amy did a minature cake for the Birthday girl at our last party, 
so ya, 
 we have done cakes. 
We're thinking that these sweet sugar sheets could easily be used on cupcakes or cookies or other sweet treats too.  
No sense putting a limit on their potential.  :) 
Did we buy any Sugar Sheets today? 
Nope not today.
But we will...eventually, 
and then we will come back here and give a sweet report. 
But if you have an experience with a Sugar Sheet before we do, 
we kinda expect a report from you. :)  

Here is a review from another blogger.
She bought and used the alphabet.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recycled into a pumpkin

 Are these just the coolest pumpkins you've ever seen?  

Too darn cute if you ask us!'s the big question: 
What are they made out of?  
If you guess correctly you, nothing! :)
But it is fun to try to get the answer now, isn't it? 

You give up??  

Ok, fine. 

Go here:  
It's your answer.  

And if you are looking for us.....
we'll be at the Thrift store, 
searching for this mystery item to make some 
fab pumpkins just like this! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chandelier {Love}

 Oh how beautiful!!  
First of all, chandeliers are just the sweetest thing. 
{in Lisa's opinion}
Well this one is just cool. 

Hmmm..pretty sure we need a reason to make this! :)
  It's pretty.  It's decorative.  It's simple and Christmas IS coming!


We don't just have a bunch of red unused light bulbs laying around, 
but hey...who knows what you can find at the Thrift store. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sweet Pumpkins

Well we can't make everything Martha makes, 
{We'll leave that for our friend, Jen}
but these made on our list of "can do's". 
They were SO easy to make. 
Martha's tutorial {here} said to use crepe paper, 
which we did not have, 
well orange anyway, 
but we had these fun napkins we had purchased at IKEA a few years ago.  
We love how even though we have no idea at the time what we wanted something for, it is perfect for a project. :) 
Guess it's a good reason to just stock up on whatever might be needed!  

We are having a hayride this weekend and these sweet filled pumpkins will be handed out at the end of the evening. 
And yes, there IS candy inside. :) 

Wouldn't these make great favors at your Thanksgiving table? 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Rotten Pumkin Teeth

 It's so fun to put a fun saying to a  
sweet treat  
and make someone smile
{hopefully not with rotten teeth}! 

 the instructions to putting this sweet treat together are here.
 the printable can be downloaded here

Friday, October 14, 2011

The owls are still hooting.........

Ok, so here is another  
owl party 
that we just could not resist in sharing! 

It's a friendly Owl-O-ween party

 Owl cake pops

Smores dipped marshmallows 
{ok, these sound and look YUMMY}

Dipped pretzels

 and cupcakes

 find more pictures of this party here

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Owls are In!

Does fall make you think of owls too?   This party found at 
My Owl Barn and featured on Amy Atlas Blog is absolutely adorable!  
Anybody want to have an owl party?  
We'd just hoot hoot at the thought of putting something like this together. :) 

see more of this party here

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Breast Cancer Awarness

has created these beautiful free printables in honor of  
Breast Cancer Awareness Month{October}

This 44-page printables set is free for personal or fundraising use! It includes signs, donation cards, note cards, thank you cards, water bottle labels, tent cards, a variety of printable circles, cupcake wrappers, straw flags, miniature and full size Hershey bar wrappers, Hershey Kiss dots, favor tags, treat bag labels, a banner, and patterned papers.
to download these go here.

If you are planning a fundraising event, these would be perfect. 
Or maybe you have a friend that is battling Breast Cancer.  
These printables can be attached to any small gift and could bring a smile to heart! 
 Some ideas of what you can do with these amazing printables:

Monday, October 10, 2011

It's fall ya'll

And just like that our leaves have started turning that
beautiful yellow/gold/red color.  
We love fall!  
It is our favorite season of all.  
In fact, Amy is SO excited about the fact that this year we are planning a hayride with our church family! 
She was a bit disappointed when she found out we'd most likely will be sitting on hay bales.  
Ya, she would much prefer all the hay be thrown onto the cart and we just sit IN the hay!  
Now that's really digging a hayride.  :)  

We just finished our Oliva the Pig party yesterday 
{pictures will come}
and now we are gearing up for 
a fall/natural sort of birthday party 
to come in late October. 

So we've been searching for ideas and now 
we will share them with you. :) 

  Some of these ideas don't have to just be used for a party. 
They can be around your home all year.  

Apothecary jars are so versatile.  
Love that they are clear and will adapt to anything  you put inside. Makes the creative side come out. :)
And jars, well they are not just for canning.
Look at these neat ideas.  
One thing we are really hoping to do at one of our parties is to use a jar for the drink
instead of the typical glass. 
We might even try the brown paper wrapping around it. :) 

 Love the use of scrapbook paper in this decor! 

 Sweet buffets:

ideas from here
and here
and here
All Joyful Weddings And Events

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