Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Table decor for Fundraiser

 We recently had the privilege of being asked to help with some decorating for a fundraiser for God's Child Project.  
This great event was organized by a young lady who is working her way through college and running her business of baking yummy goodies and still had time to put on this huge event to raise money for a very good cause.  
She wanted something simple, 
just so the tables had something on them. 
I gave her a couple of options:
   She choose the red/brown look. 
Since we wanted to use what I had so there was very little cost involved we ended up using other colors with browns also.   
The package of paper I had 
(which is what I used inside my vases) 
had a fun variety of colors but all the same retro look.  
We chose to use reds, blues, and oranges and yellows with the brown. 

This is such a simple and inexpensive way to decorate a table. 
Tablecloths were just plastic.  
{$36 for 20 tables}.

Runners were crepe paper flats cut in half.  {about $15}.

{had on hand}

Tissue flowers in vases  
I made 4 flowers per pack of tissue that costs 99 cents per pack! 
So that's what....{25 cents per flower}!!!   I know....get out of here, right!

Small square vases  
{had on hand}

{had on hand}

{from my tree in the front yard}. :)

Cake pops  
{made by the organizer of this event}.  They were the dessert and I will say that I did stay fair and only eat 1 but it was SO very tempting to eat more!!!  

 These flowers were cut 8" by 16" with 5 layers to them. 

 All the Hall

 We live in a very small community and the attendance was low, but this young girl was able to raise over $11,000 in one night!!   
So exciting!!

Up next.......A Wedding we did a little bit of decorating for.

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