Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Street Fair adventure!

We showed up at the  
Street Fair 
at our local town. 
It was very windy so I didn't set all the decor items out that I normally would have.  

{notice the ugly grey tape holding the banner onto the fabric...
I'm not a fan, but the wind was absolutely crazy and a girl has to do what a girl has to do!}

We did sell sodas and sugar cookies though. 
We received alot of compliments on the cookies which was very nice to hear. 
I asked Amy to make cookies to fit in with the decor of  
Dill & Poppy 
and she did a great job making poppies and polka dot cookies. 
We sold 30 cookies that night!! 
Amy would like to get out of the box a bit and do some other shapes and colors, etc.  
I guess I'll have to see what she will come up with that is different, but still works with the booth. :) 
She has been buying up cookie cutters all around town, 
so if anyone would like to order a specific cookie, 
she might already have it. 
I must share just a bit about the Dill & Poppy banner you see in the first picture.  
It is made out of chalkboard scrapbook paper!!  
AND...I made it one very quickly before I went to work that morning!  {it is sewed together}
{Not sure why I always have to be so last minute!!}
Anyway, I loved working with this paper.  
It really does work just like a real chalkboard and the pack comes with a variety of colors. 

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