Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kind of exciting news...

We've had our interview 
and submitted our photos 
for the Spotlight feature in the  
Fessenden Telegraph!!  
I know, 
it's just a small paper, 
but it is so well done 
and we are proud to be featured in it. 

Thanks Michelle for listening to two girls try to share their passion for parties and put it all into one article.   

This is a great opportunity for us 
to get ourselves out there just a bit.   
We have much lots to do yet in getting everything put together, 
but that will come soon enough. 
{we are fairly patient}

So all you local people watch your mail. :)  
We'll try to put the spotlight article on the blog 
{providing it works to do so}.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet Stix

Sharing a Sweet idea with you all today. 

These are  
Candy Stix.   

{yep..candy in a stick}

Candy Stix.

found here


We didn't make these ones, 
but we will be making some that's for sure!  
These are just too sweet to not at least try them.  

Halloween ...

for the team......


 more fall...{it IS that time of year}
all found here

You want some?
Call or email us.....we'll make you some. :) 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Time for a hat....

 ok...not THAT kind of hat!
We're thinking fun here not cold

We have a kids party coming up.
The theme is  
Olivia the Pig. 
We need party hats
Not sure about the ears on this one though.
Yes, Olivia IS a Pig and she has ears, 
we are just not sure our sweet little party children need ears. 
So here's a bit of our searching. 

found here

 found here
 found here

found here 
found here  {free printable}
Do you need a hat

Call or email us.  
We will make you one too! :) 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free Printables

Who doesn't love something for free?
Well today is your lucky day. 
We are sharing some amazing
free printables  
with you today. 
We have quite a varity of things.
Have to make sure we interest all kinds of people. :) 
So to start you off:
Do you want some Drop Cards?  
Print these and leave them on someones desk,
in a lunch box or back pack, 
hey why not just randomly put one under the 
windshield wipers of a stranger's car!  
Sounds good to us. 

 get the download here

Okay, next:
You want your kids to do chores, right.  
So make it fun.  
They get to pick a stick and whatever is says is whatever they do. :)   
Good for you. 
Fun for them.

get the download here.

 We love candy. 
Admit love candy too! 
These fancy little printables work perfectly attached to that 
yummy chocolaty goodness.  
Instead of just giving a candy bar...
and a sweet note.  

get the download here

Having a party?  
Well if you are, 
you should have called us!! :) 
{we LOVE to help}
If you've lost your lips and mustaches, 
here you go. 

get the download here

Ok, that's all the free printables for today. 
We'll keep sharing them, 
if you keep using them. 
{spread some cheer, make someone smile & celebrate life}

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Hot Chocolate Season!

One of the big trends we are seeing lately are  
Hot Chocolate Spoons.   
Make yourself or buy online or in stores.   
Just warm up some milk and drop that 
chocolaty filled spoon right into it. 
Sit down.

DIY instructions for these ones here

Monday, September 12, 2011

Summertime Party

Not our party....but oh so cute!

Summer's almost gone, well ok, 
summer IS gone,
but that doesn't mean that you can't still be surrounded in summer. 

I am absolutly in love with these yellow ruffled streamers!  
I had my Mom sew a bunch of these for me and just looking at them makes me happy.  :)

This garland is on my TO DO list for sure! 
This party was featured here

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

50's Party

In July we were hired by 
The National Bank of Harvey 
to do a dinner party for their Heritage Club. 
We had a great time serving up a Hamburger Bar 
with about 18 different toppings including some made by Amy such as 
Garlic Aioli,
Sriracha Mayo 
and Pomegranite Ketchup 
along with homemade French Fries
Ice Cream Sundaes with Caramel Peanut Butter Sauce
and Sodas.  
We served about 45 people in a room that looked a bit like the 50's.  
Here are the photos. :) 

Display with suggestion cards on what to add to your burger for a great taste. 

 Each table was decorated with either red "leather" or checkered fabric down the center,
yellow carnations in soda bottles,
pictures of 50's artists, 
candy cigarettes,
record placemats, 
wrapped silverware 
and a chocolate record favor. 
 Our help in the kitchen. 
Amy, Lisa, Geri, Destiny, Billie Jo and Larry, the bank Loan Officer and his Wife. 

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