Sunday, January 29, 2012


 So this isn't really party related...but that's ok! :) 
At church I teach a group of girls that are "tweens" and I really really enjoy them, 
but they can be kind of messy sweet little things.  
We usually  have a project or two, 
and a paper that we complete and it is always such a task to find the right pencil or marker or colored I decided enough was enough and brought this not so sweet rubbermaid container filled with everything home to reorganize it. 

My first thought was to get a bunch of empty cans and wrap paper around them, glue them together and label them.  
Then I remembered that I had a bunch of the cardboard soda carriers and that just seemed a bit more practical.  
I  saw this on pinterest {oh pinterest, you are amazing}  made here and off I went to create our own little organizers.  
I didn't line each section and mine are not perfect, 
but here's the end result.
I think the girls will be ok with our new organinized system. 
Let's see how long they can keep it all neat!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Candy bar love notes

 Oh Chocolate how I love you!

buy these candy bars:
fast break 
and take 5.
download and print the tags here
and if you haven't eaten those candy bars I first mentioned, 
you will end up with a really  
sweet treat  
for me all your friends. 

this sweet idea is from Oopsey Daisy

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lovely flowers..that's all!

Ok, so what do we have here?

Oh not much,
just some 
stinkin' amazing 
looking down on love.  


These are crazy perfect! 
And get this.....they are made out of...
you ready???


Get out of here, right?? :) 
We are SO going to make some of these!! 

This spectacular wedding is featured on Green Wedding Shoes

Friday, January 20, 2012

Somethin' fishy....

somethin' cheesy.......
of course it is  GoldFish!

Isn't this just the cutest little gift?? 
The directions are easy and can be found on TammyMitchellPhotography Blog 
go here to get the printable
 Hobby Lobby does sell these pillow boxes if you need some. 
And the grocery store sells the fish.....Ok, so you knew that. 
You probably have some in your cupboard right this very moment.  
We do not. :(

maybe you like this idea 
Pretty sure your adorable child would be very excited to give these to his/her friends at school!

She doesn't give any printable with this so if your heart is set on a Valentine such as this and you are not ok with making them yourself, 
please send an email or comment.  
We would LOVE to satisfy your fishing for the perfect Valentine by making these for you.
Well in all honesty, 
we'd be happy to make the ones in the pillow boxes too.   :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweet treats

 Yesterday we shared the link to a free  
Valentine Printable
Today we share the treat to put with those cute printables.  
Each of these treats seem to be easy to make and package up into a clear bag.  
{Hobby Lobby has alot of these to chose from}

peanut butter, get the idea. 
Add any of the tags or cards to the bag and you have a 
sweet treat strait from the heart!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sweetheart day printables

Sweetheart day 
is coming up...soon! 

I can think of a few sweet little girls in my family that would 
a treat from Auntie made special with these  
free printables 
courtesy of

Look what you can print...
Cupcake toppers, 
party favor tags, 
sweet little note cards, 

 She even has a party favor box!  
Too cute!

 Now to decide what kind of candy or treat will go along with these...hmmm.
Tomorrow, we will give some ideas!! 

All of these adorable 
{yes, we do wish we had designed them}
printables are free for your personal use. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Here are a few pictures from the 
Winter Wonderland 
themed Christmas Dinner we set up for.
It was a bit well ok very disappointing to find out that we would not be able to hang anything from the ceiling!! 
I had plans for the ceiling.  
Had bought over 200 balloons in white, silver and blue to do something like this: 
 also bought about 100 little snowflakes to hang from the ceiling.  
For me one of the biggest things I love in decorating is the ceiling.  
It finishes the decor.  
So, this party, although pretty was not finished in my opinion and certainly not by the vision in my head.

But whatever...LET IT SNOW!!

This fun glittered sign was easy to make.  
I did however, have the N upside down, 
so had to quickly figure that out.  
You would have never guessed it had I not pointed it out, right??  
Yes, the sign looks alittle alot glittery.  
I just hadn't brushed it off on this picture yet.  
Letters were cut from my cricut and then traced onto the foamboard and then glue and then glitter.  
Wasn't as hard to do as I'm making it seem. :)  

Main stage area:

 The table runners are from Hobby Lobby.  {LOVE Hobby Lobby}
I really loved them.  
They gave a little bit of sparkle to the tables.

Birds were from Dollar store.  
Branches were from the back yard. 
{Kinda thankful now that the big huge gigantic branch fell down, and certainly thankful to my Dad for cutting that big huge gigantic branch all up for me}
LOTS of painting took place to get all these dingy brown branches ready for winter.  :)

The favors were just white candy melts formed into 
pretty little snowflakes.  
I attached a tag with ribbon and they were good to go. 
This is more snow than we've seen all winter this year!
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