Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free Printables

Who doesn't love something for free?
Well today is your lucky day. 
We are sharing some amazing
free printables  
with you today. 
We have quite a varity of things.
Have to make sure we interest all kinds of people. :) 
So to start you off:
Do you want some Drop Cards?  
Print these and leave them on someones desk,
in a lunch box or back pack, 
hey why not just randomly put one under the 
windshield wipers of a stranger's car!  
Sounds good to us. 

 get the download here

Okay, next:
You want your kids to do chores, right.  
So make it fun.  
They get to pick a stick and whatever is says is whatever they do. :)   
Good for you. 
Fun for them.

get the download here.

 We love candy. 
Admit love candy too! 
These fancy little printables work perfectly attached to that 
yummy chocolaty goodness.  
Instead of just giving a candy bar...
and a sweet note.  

get the download here

Having a party?  
Well if you are, 
you should have called us!! :) 
{we LOVE to help}
If you've lost your lips and mustaches, 
here you go. 

get the download here

Ok, that's all the free printables for today. 
We'll keep sharing them, 
if you keep using them. 
{spread some cheer, make someone smile & celebrate life}

1 comment:

  1. Those are awesome!! Thanks for posting, Lisa & Amy. I think some mustaches and lips are in order for Justice's birthday party coming up in a few weeks!

    - Jen
    PS For some reason it's not letting me log in with my regular gmail login.


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