Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sierra's Olivia Party

It's really unfortunate that is takes us almost 3 months to post a party!!!
Good Charlie Brown would say!!  

This party was done in October for Sierra's 5th birthday.
It was held at the Presentation Center which is a good place with lots of space.  
We worked in as many details of Olivia as we possibly could.  
rules of life.  
polka dots...oh dear those polka dots!! 
Sierra was not too sure about them since Olivia does NOT wear polka dots like she wears stripes!  
We used them in the decor anyway and I think in the end she was OK with them. :) 

The menu: 
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Not sure if you can tell but they are wrapped in a strip of parchment paper and tied with a little string.  
Lisa had been wanting to do this idea for some time and was thrilled to finally do it.  
It was a bit messy and hardly worth all the effort, 
but the simple pb & jelly sandwiches did look alittle yummier with all the fuss. 

Sierra wanted summer sausage so brought that in and layered it with cheese for that wonderful striped look that Olivia is known for. 
Also on the menu were some pretzel sticks with some stripes on them.
Red spiral cookies were a real fun treat also. 
Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes were the dessert and they were fabulous!  
Mini was key. 
Red and white was perfect. 
And the little toppers were a hit.

There was an activity corner where the kids colored Olivia pictures. 
{this was a big hit and it was just coloring!}


Of course we had to have a photo shoot.


 and an Olivia movie served with fresh popcorn.
everyone inside.....

the theater :) 
 the 5 year old princess!

 and a rule of life.....

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