Friday, February 10, 2012

My chalkboard wall

 It finally happened!  
A wall full of quotes!  
I'm so happy!   
I started out with just painting black chalboard paint over what was a burgundy colored wall. 
Let it dry really well and starting collecting some favorite quotes 
{this is merely a handful of the MANY I have}. 
Amy was home last weekend and she went to work on writing them for me.  
I could have done it myself, but her writing is so much more creative and fun than mine. 
My inspiration came from pinterest and the wall I saw t here had one quote/writing over the entire wall. 
I loved it, but there was no way I could even think of settling on one thing to say.  
It was hard enough to narrow it down to these.  
And no, the wall is not quite complete...there's room for a few more, {yippy skippy}
we just ran out of time getting them up there.  
I'm not sure if I should seal the wall off as the chalk smears very easily. 
Anyone know if there is something I could/should use to finish this? 
Or maybe I will just let it smear and redo with new quotes every so often. :) 

and yes, I apologize for the blurry, glared pictures...not my talent to take pics!!


 My favorite life verse!!! 
SO much meaning in the one little verse!  BIG story behind it.


  1. That turned out so amazing! I love the way it turned out, great verses and sayings. Amy did a really great job with her cute handwriting. Love it!

  2. I have always wanted a chalkboard wall! This is so lovely! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!


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