Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well we didn't have the 
much anticipated 

Puppy Party 
for Maci Rae 
(parents decided to have a big party with friends when she is a bit older, AND Maci decided she wanted to go bowling anyway) 
Amy did bake up some 
sweet puppy cookies.
Here are the dog houses and bones Maci took to preschool.

And we got a few ready in a dog dish for the trip to the bowling alley. 
A snack is always needed for hungry little ones. :) 
I also put together little favor bags which included: 
A puppy (of course!), puppy blanket, vitamins, puppy food, and a puppy toy. 

So...even if there is not a big noisy party, 
you can still add a few fun things to make the day special. 
 Just do whatever it is that will make a bit of a difference. :)

1 comment:

  1. Those are sooo cute! I love the details in the decorated cookies. They're beyond amazing. I love how they're in a dog bowl, too, great serving idea.


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