Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rustic Party

Ugh...where have we been???
Busy planning and doing parties I guess!  

Today we will show you the  
Rustic themed party 
we did just this past Sunday night. 
The party was for a very deserving lady which made it so much fun to put together!  
We were told she loves natural, rustic things.  
We chose the colors of browns, beige, greens to use in the decor.  Twigs, rocks, split peas and glass were all part of this party. :)

Amy chose a menu of 
Artichoke and Roasted Garlic Dip 
served with pretzel chips and flatbread sticks
Sweet & Spicy Nuts
Pumpkin Biscotti
Chocolate Cake
served with four options of homemade creamers
Cinnamon Strudel
and Caramel 
The ladies loved the creamers 
and I think most of them tried each flavor!  

Here are the pics we have to share with you.  
Recipes will may follow on a later post.

 This was the word banner I was making here.  
We decided not to hang it from the ceiling since it was really high, 
so this is what it ended up to be.

 We did not know what the guest of honor's home looked like so we hoped it 
would all come together and it was perfect!  
The home was beautiful and I knew the moment we walked in the door and saw a tray of 
lit candles sitting in rocks that it was all good! 

Up next...we do have pictures from the 
Olivia party we did in October. 
Stay tuned. :)


  1. Looks fabulous and your menu sounded soooo good! You two ladies are certainly talented and I hope your venture continues to be successful for you! I know if the need ever arises for me to plan a party, I will surely call upon Dill & Poppy!

    Janelle Pepple


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