Thursday, October 27, 2011

Word banner

This is cool!
 Found this garland on Pinterst and it's blogged here.

For a party that we are currently working on I {Lisa} thought it would be neat to do this sort of garland with 
words that describe the lucky gal 
the party is for. 
So I have cut 4" letters making many good words 
{she's a really good person
and attached them {with tape} to a string. 
It's kind of hard make sure that it is going to look ok all in a pile, 
but to unravel the entire thing just to check it out seems a bit unnecessary. 
It will just have to go up on the ceiling and hope it is good! :) 

this word is "beautiful"

 and all the rest of the good words.  :) 

Can't hardly wait till Party Day to see what this really looks like!


  1. that is awesome! what type of paper did you use - how did you make those letters!?

  2. I used a heavy cardstock pack I had purchased at Hobby Lobby. All my letters were cut 4" with my cricut machine, but you could easily cut them out by hand as the ones in the first photo are done by her. :)

  3. Those are so cute!! I love the idea of having all those nice affirming words displayed like that... So sweet!

    - Jen


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