Sunday, January 29, 2012


 So this isn't really party related...but that's ok! :) 
At church I teach a group of girls that are "tweens" and I really really enjoy them, 
but they can be kind of messy sweet little things.  
We usually  have a project or two, 
and a paper that we complete and it is always such a task to find the right pencil or marker or colored I decided enough was enough and brought this not so sweet rubbermaid container filled with everything home to reorganize it. 

My first thought was to get a bunch of empty cans and wrap paper around them, glue them together and label them.  
Then I remembered that I had a bunch of the cardboard soda carriers and that just seemed a bit more practical.  
I  saw this on pinterest {oh pinterest, you are amazing}  made here and off I went to create our own little organizers.  
I didn't line each section and mine are not perfect, 
but here's the end result.
I think the girls will be ok with our new organinized system. 
Let's see how long they can keep it all neat!


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