Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Here are a few pictures from the 
Winter Wonderland 
themed Christmas Dinner we set up for.
It was a bit well ok very disappointing to find out that we would not be able to hang anything from the ceiling!! 
I had plans for the ceiling.  
Had bought over 200 balloons in white, silver and blue to do something like this: 
 also bought about 100 little snowflakes to hang from the ceiling.  
For me one of the biggest things I love in decorating is the ceiling.  
It finishes the decor.  
So, this party, although pretty was not finished in my opinion and certainly not by the vision in my head.

But whatever...LET IT SNOW!!

This fun glittered sign was easy to make.  
I did however, have the N upside down, 
so had to quickly figure that out.  
You would have never guessed it had I not pointed it out, right??  
Yes, the sign looks alittle alot glittery.  
I just hadn't brushed it off on this picture yet.  
Letters were cut from my cricut and then traced onto the foamboard and then glue and then glitter.  
Wasn't as hard to do as I'm making it seem. :)  

Main stage area:

 The table runners are from Hobby Lobby.  {LOVE Hobby Lobby}
I really loved them.  
They gave a little bit of sparkle to the tables.

Birds were from Dollar store.  
Branches were from the back yard. 
{Kinda thankful now that the big huge gigantic branch fell down, and certainly thankful to my Dad for cutting that big huge gigantic branch all up for me}
LOTS of painting took place to get all these dingy brown branches ready for winter.  :)

The favors were just white candy melts formed into 
pretty little snowflakes.  
I attached a tag with ribbon and they were good to go. 
This is more snow than we've seen all winter this year!

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  1. Love the whole look! It is so beautiful. I understand your disappointment, decorating the ceiling would have been really amazing. Thanks for sharing with us.


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