Friday, January 20, 2012

Somethin' fishy....

somethin' cheesy.......
of course it is  GoldFish!

Isn't this just the cutest little gift?? 
The directions are easy and can be found on TammyMitchellPhotography Blog 
go here to get the printable
 Hobby Lobby does sell these pillow boxes if you need some. 
And the grocery store sells the fish.....Ok, so you knew that. 
You probably have some in your cupboard right this very moment.  
We do not. :(

maybe you like this idea 
Pretty sure your adorable child would be very excited to give these to his/her friends at school!

She doesn't give any printable with this so if your heart is set on a Valentine such as this and you are not ok with making them yourself, 
please send an email or comment.  
We would LOVE to satisfy your fishing for the perfect Valentine by making these for you.
Well in all honesty, 
we'd be happy to make the ones in the pillow boxes too.   :)


  1. I have FOUR classes to get treats made for! Would you be willing to do the "You're a great catch" treat bags for Sierra's class? She needs 15 by Feb. 15. I am doing popcorn bag covers for my GHS kids, possibly popcorn (popped in a bag) for Hannah's class, and Maci's I am not sure yet. Any ideas. I already did the Goldfish for her class just last week for a snack (along with mini jelly sandwiches cut out with a flower cookie cutter). So...I need a new idea for hers! : )

    1. I replied...but in a new comment box. Oops! Still learning!! :)

  2. Yes, I will totally do the "You're a great catch" treat. 15 for Sierra by the 15th! :)
    And Maci, let me look. I've seen tons of ideas. I'll share them and you can decide. Cute idea on the flower jelly sandwiches! Every sandwich tastes SO much better when cut in a fun shape!


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