Monday, October 24, 2011

Sugar Sheets?

We found something new at Hobby Lobby today.  
Sugar Sheets by Wilton. 
I {Lisa} was so excited 
{not really sure why} 
about these fancy things I had to snap a couple pics 
{again, not really sure why}.
Here are a bunch of the punches you will want to get to cut fun shapes out of the sheets.  
Wilton thinks of everything!
We haven't done cakes...well wait a minute,
Amy did a minature cake for the Birthday girl at our last party, 
so ya, 
 we have done cakes. 
We're thinking that these sweet sugar sheets could easily be used on cupcakes or cookies or other sweet treats too.  
No sense putting a limit on their potential.  :) 
Did we buy any Sugar Sheets today? 
Nope not today.
But we will...eventually, 
and then we will come back here and give a sweet report. 
But if you have an experience with a Sugar Sheet before we do, 
we kinda expect a report from you. :)  

Here is a review from another blogger.
She bought and used the alphabet.


  1. Those look so cute! I would love to see the final results.

    - Jen

  2. I saw those too while there. I love the cutout things and thought about buying one to try. I didn't either. :( Someday, we'll know what they do. Ha!
    -Billie Jo


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