Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sweet Pumpkins

Well we can't make everything Martha makes, 
{We'll leave that for our friend, Jen}
but these made on our list of "can do's". 
They were SO easy to make. 
Martha's tutorial {here} said to use crepe paper, 
which we did not have, 
well orange anyway, 
but we had these fun napkins we had purchased at IKEA a few years ago.  
We love how even though we have no idea at the time what we wanted something for, it is perfect for a project. :) 
Guess it's a good reason to just stock up on whatever might be needed!  

We are having a hayride this weekend and these sweet filled pumpkins will be handed out at the end of the evening. 
And yes, there IS candy inside. :) 

Wouldn't these make great favors at your Thanksgiving table? 


  1. I was mentioned in the blog?! I'm so proud of me!! OK, back to you, those are the cutest little pumpkin things I've ever seen!! I'm really impressed they look so easy to put together. Love them!

    Thanks for the mention. If I had a blog I would totally mention you, too!

  2. Oh Jen..you are one funny girl. Maybe it's time to get that blog you talk of and show us all your Martha talents. :)


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