Monday, October 10, 2011

It's fall ya'll

And just like that our leaves have started turning that
beautiful yellow/gold/red color.  
We love fall!  
It is our favorite season of all.  
In fact, Amy is SO excited about the fact that this year we are planning a hayride with our church family! 
She was a bit disappointed when she found out we'd most likely will be sitting on hay bales.  
Ya, she would much prefer all the hay be thrown onto the cart and we just sit IN the hay!  
Now that's really digging a hayride.  :)  

We just finished our Oliva the Pig party yesterday 
{pictures will come}
and now we are gearing up for 
a fall/natural sort of birthday party 
to come in late October. 

So we've been searching for ideas and now 
we will share them with you. :) 

  Some of these ideas don't have to just be used for a party. 
They can be around your home all year.  

Apothecary jars are so versatile.  
Love that they are clear and will adapt to anything  you put inside. Makes the creative side come out. :)
And jars, well they are not just for canning.
Look at these neat ideas.  
One thing we are really hoping to do at one of our parties is to use a jar for the drink
instead of the typical glass. 
We might even try the brown paper wrapping around it. :) 

 Love the use of scrapbook paper in this decor! 

 Sweet buffets:

ideas from here
and here
and here
All Joyful Weddings And Events

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